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Neural War Update:  Did 755 Trigger An Agreement?


In Unix, 755 is an indication that the owner has create, execute and read rights while the members of the group and the general public can access the the directory that they need to in order to read the file in question.

Recently, when Mr. Putin of Russia determined that around 755 of the US overseas State department employees in Russia needed to leave, some people were left wondering if there wasn’t some sub-text attached to the measure.

New Administration: A Civilian’s No On Psy Cams

By AntanO - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
By AntanO - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

By AntanO – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Although the Obama administration finished with a track record of success in the economic areas that matter the most to Americans, the human rights abuses that started during the Afghan war continued domestically- and even expanded as technology got into the hands of more and more of the private sector.

Here is a recap of some of the recent types of problems related to weapon

Directing Obama: Did Someone Script McKinley = Make Kin Lucy- Setting Off A Mad Dash To Rename A Mountain?


For a while, tech executives and others have been offered a service that allows them to direct others’ schedules and actions without knowing them. In some places, that has devolved into neural warfare as it has been deemed easier to use sonic and other frequency weapons to make suggestions and wage Sony-style attacks in the form of ‘bow down’ consciously or subconsciously to the local “I’ll do-what-you-saida” training camps.

French Help Out, Rout Socal’s Count Junkula

FRONT_NORTH_EAST_SIDES_-_U.S._Naval_Hospital,_Guinea_Pig_and_Rabbit_House,_Park_Boulevard,_Balboa_Park,_San_Diego,_San_Diego_County,_CA_HABS_CAL,37-SANDI,27-L-1.tif (1)

It sounds rather fantastic to most people. What if the “you” that you knew as an American based upon a couple of generations of ancestors and a decent education encountered rougher waters than normal in certain geographic regions during the course of competition?

Morus Dei Asks Pope To Look At Denial of Religious Freedom in North America


In what they describe as a perfect storm of technology being used against people that do not have economic
options, the charitable group Morus Dei is asking the Pope and the Vatican to consider factoring in and talking about real world conditions that go beyond what is traditionally published in the media when it comes to trying to
empower those who are living in areas that they are talking about supporting.

Sometimes Bad Jesters Create The Need For Poignant Gestures

hanlin ancy describes sempra play

It was a significant event for the Roseburg community to have the President and Oregon’s top politicians visit and share in the grieving process. Yet, somehow missing was the ability to provide the tough answers that seemed to be a a trademark when the President first took office.

Virtual Prisons For Vacationers: The 7 Worst Sonic / Radar Routines used on Urban or Beach People

San Ysidro Banks are closing in a booming economy.   With radar and sonic attacks reported at Wells Fargo,  customers from Mexico may not feel comfortable putting money in an area where criminals have a networked system in almost every retail complex.

It is sort of surprising that people have trouble understanding how virtual prisons have brought a more of a fascist utopia to people living in urban areas. Yet Doppler radar, modified cell phones and electronic devices, and sensors that sell for as little as $2 a piece have made it much easier for networks and gangs to stage virtual home and office invasions that make the Sony attack look like child’s play.

A Voice Would Be Nice

NSA Sign

There is a lot of back and forth going on regarding the changes to the Patriot Act and how the Freedom Act will ultimately supplant some of its provisions. The interesting thing for most people that are primarily concerned that there aren’t abuses of the system is that however the current deal comes down, it isn’t necessarily going to square with the reality that Main Street sees on a daily basis.

The Senate has tried to account for the changes that phone companies will need to make in their databases by extending the existing system, or reporting back to the federal government, but the real question that should be being asked is where is the accountability from the perspective of a private citizen?

Paul Walker – Roger Rodas Crash Interview: Did Someone ‘Play’ Them?

Note:  Pan Am 1 has consistently shown that the tools of war have been upgraded to include weapons that are not always acknowledged to be part of our arsenal. As we roll out stories related to different incidents using some of that technology that have occurred in the United States, post- Iraq War, we have received a large number of inquiries as well as experienced episodes of harassment.

Today, we have Editor, David Gass on tap to answer questions regarding our insight into some of the intrigue that has been going on behind the scenes stateside that affects the lives of many.

Travelers, get ready for your screen test!


For a lot of people, it is interesting that instead of quarantining entire countries in terms of travel due to the threat of the Ebola virus, there has been a very relaxed approach in the United States and other countries regarding allowing people to disembark while an epidemic rages. Then again, with the military industrial complex taking a part, there does need to be a feed trough for those that follow them.